Wellesbourne Facebook Group Rules


The group promotes community spirit and lively discussion about  Wellesbourne.  We are also provide you with news about that is pulled through other sites for your convenience.  

The village has and continues to grow substantially.  To thrive our village needs community, sports, local businesses and events that bring us all together to get the most out of our local area.

These rules will be updated periodically and re-circulated within the group so that existing members can review them.

We have chosen to allow group members to post and comment without approval so that conversations can move quickly. As such we set the following expectations.

  • We cannot read every post and comment
  • We do not offer any guarantees of timescales to assess or remove posts
  • We are not responsible for any hurt, offence, loss of privacy or legal implications caused by posts or comments

If you feel a post or comment contravenes the rules please use the report facility which notifies the admin team to assess the post or comment.



  1. LANGUAGE.  Make your posts clean, friendly, on topic & don’t use ‘text speak’.   Do not use swear words or sexual references (even masked by ***s).   Posts with swearing are deleted with no warning.  Any word that would not be used before the watershed on TV Is not suitable here either.
  2. BEHAVIOUR.   Do not bully.  Do not make accusations, personal or offensive comments about individuals, groups or organisations whether named directly or inferred. Example 1. if you are dissatisfied with a service, organisation or situation, please word your posts CAREFULLY so as to get your point across without breaking the rules  or speak directly to the business concerned.
  3. PERSONAL INFORMATION.  Do not reveal the personal information of others such as addresses, phone numbers and car registrations.  It is sensible to not reveal your own.
  4. DISCRIMINATION.  Do not discriminate on race or religion or use racist terms or slurs.  Do not discriminate on the basis of gender or sexual orientation.   If you are in any doubt please contact admin first.
  5. POLITICS.  Please do not use the group as a political platform to canvas.
  6. REAL PROFILES.   Do not masquerade as fictitious individuals or use a business profile.
  7. DUPLICATE PROFILES.  Use a single profile.  If you change profiles, let us know and we can help.



  1. RESPONSIBILITY.   Posts are YOUR OWN VIEWS, not those of the group. ADMINS are NOT RESPONSIBLE for the posts or views of individual members
  2. THINK!   We can’t agree on everything. Please discuss topics like adults, be prepared for differences of opinion & pause before you type so that you don’t break any rules
  3. REPORT.   Help us to to keep the group a friendly place by reporting any posts that you feel break the rules.  We will review and make a decision.
  4. COMPLAINTS/MOANING.  No-one wants to read a group full of moaning and complaints.   Consider whether you really need to tell the group or whether you should be complaining to the person, business, service directly.
  5. CRIME.  We all need to be vigilant against crime in our area.   The group is useful for spreading the word and we welcome this, but please DO NOT POST PHOTOS WHERE INDIVIDUAL(S) COULD BE IDENTIFIED OR MAKE ACCUSATIONS. Call 101 for non emergency crime and 999 in an emergency.  Civil offences such as parking should be reported to Warwickshire Country Council.  https://www.warwickshire.gov.uk/parking
  6. PHOTOS. Please ensure that all images posted comply with our rules regarding language and are not sexual or pornographic in nature.  It should be noted that UK law permits the taking and sharing of photos in a public place without consent however, where a potential criminal or civil offence is taking place and a photo is posted regarding this, if the photo contains directly or indirectly personal identifiable information then this post should be reported, assessed and removed. This constitutes an accusation and can be libellous. It can also interfere with the justice process.


The following are allowed to advertise TWICE per month maximum as long as they are based within 3 miles of Wellesbourne.

  1. LOCAL BUSINESS ADVERTISING.   YOU MUST FIRST REGISTER HERE  https://www.mywellesbourne.co.uk/business-directory/. It is FREE and premium banner ads are also available which support the running costs of this site and give your business additional exposure.
  2. CHARITY/COMMUNITY CLUBS AND EVENTS.  No registration needed.
  3. SPORTING/MUSIC CLUBS AND EVENTS.   No registration needed.

The following are not allowed and will be removed without warning.

  1. PERSONAL ADVERTS.   This includes personal items for sale, or giveaways.  There are lots of ways to sell items in Wellesbourne here http://mywellesbourne.co.uk/selling-in-wellesbourne/
  2. PERSONAL SPONSORSHIP AND CAUSES.   Please do not use the group to gain interest in your sponsored event or cause.


  1. JOBS.  Advertising of local jobs is permitted as long as the job is within 5 miles of Wellesbourne. We do not accept canvassing for reps.


  1. TEAM.  Your Admin Team is a group of volunteers who moderate the group according to the rules. From time to time some posts and comments will breach the rules and the admin team as they become aware will assess and remove these posts..  Please feel free to contact us with any questions relating to posting on the group.
    – Dave Harris – https://www.facebook.com/DaveSHarris
    – Stu Barbs – https://www.facebook.com/stu.barbs
    – Anne-Marie Ortu – https://www.facebook.com/annemarie.ortu
    – Amanda Harris – https://www.facebook.com/aterblanche1
    – John Gledhill – https://www.facebook.com/john.gledhill.180
    – Amanda Fowler – https://www.facebook.com/AmandaLouiseFowler 
    – Angelique Celine Campell – https://www.facebook.com/angeliqueceline
  2. ABUSE.  We do not tolerate abuse either online or offline.  You will be removed and if necessary reported to the authorities.  If you disagree with us, have a sensible conversation with us.
  3. BLOCKS.  Do not block the Admin Team.   We will remove you from the group.
  4. FINAL. Admin Team decisions are final!


As a member of Facebook you are in control of your own privacy settings and your own posts to the Wellesbourne Facebook Group. You are able to amend or delete your own posts at any time.

The Admin team do not store or indeed have access to any personal identifiable information about individuals beyond that you have already shared publicly on Facebook.

The Admin team do have access to limited insights about the group including

  • Levels of Engagement (posts, comments, active members) shown as numbers and a percentage
  • Popular days and times
  • Popular posts. This shows the most popular posts from specific members over a specified timeframe
  • Top contributors. Ranks members by the most posts and comments.
  • Age and gender demographics (age ranges)
  • New member counts

We advise that as a member of the group you do not give out your own personal information such as your address, phone number, email address or details of your possessions such as vehicles and household items. Your posts can be viewed by any group members unless you have personally blocked them and this may present a security risk to you and your family.

As such please also do not post anyone else’s personal information.