January 24, 2022


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Free to roam farm fresh chickens and eggs.

We are extremely passionate about rearing happy and healthy birds in a completely positive environment. All our birds are treated with the upmost of respect and are left to mature slowly. This environment and rearing process is then transferred into the most succulent and best tasting chicken I personally have ever tasted and invite you to experience this for yourself.

Slow grown, locally reared, fresh oven ready and dry plucked seasonal Christmas poultry. Turkeys – Cockerels – Geese

Phone Number
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Business Address
1 Heathcote Cottage
Newbold Road, Ashorne
CV35 9DX
Business Category
Open every Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday 9am to 3pm
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We have everything in one place, lots of choices at FANTASTIC MARKET PRICES!!!👍 🛍️💍💄🌻 We are OPEN every Saturday & Bank Holiday Monday from 9am to 3pm 🙂 Makeup💄Food, Sweets, Lace Curtains, Rugs, Baby Accessories👜, Meat Truck🚎, Fruit & Veg🍊🥦, Mobiles📱, Paintings🖼️, Beds🛏️, Garden Furniture, ☘️Plant Pots, Books, Flowers, Handbags, Clothes, Shoes, 🙂 👍🤗 Hundreds of bargains and FUN for the whole family 🙂 ! FREE ENTRANCE and FREE PARKING!!! 😎🤗👨‍👨‍👧‍👦
5 miles from Stratford upon Avon, Warwick or Leamington Spa. On the A429 and B4086. CV35 9R

Phone Number
020 8954 7338
Opening Hours
9am to 3pm every Saturday and Bank Holiday Mondays
Business Address
Wellesbourne Market
5 miles from Stratford upon
Avon, Warwick or Leamington Spa
On the A429 and B4086

Post code: CV35 9RY
CV35 9RY
Business Category
Welly Dog Walks
Business Name
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Dog walking service based in Wellesbourne run by a friendly, local dog lover! Do you love your little ball of fur, but just don’t have enough time to keep them exercised every day? Does your dog have too much energy around the house? Have a dog that is elderly or otherwise unable to keep up with the younger, more able pups? Then contact Welly Dog Walks, the best option to solving all your dog-related problems! With cheap prices for a great service, your dog will be happy and healthy in no time! Please see below for prices.

Dog walking service (1 hour)
Group walk; one walk per day – £10.00
Group walk block booked for one walk a day for one week (M-F); price reduction for full week – £45.00

Second dog at same address (1 hour)
Group walk; one walk per day – £8.00
Group walk block booked for one walk a day for one week; price reduction for full week
– £35.00

Dog walking two walks a day (two 1 hour walks)
1 hour morning walk and 1 hour afternoon walk – £15.00

Gentle Stroll for elderly dogs (30 minutes)
One walk per day – £8.00
Gentle stroll block booked for one week; price reduction for full week – £30.00

Puppy early years walk (40 minutes) with play
One walk per day – £12.00
Puppy walk block booked for the week; price reduction for full week – £55.00

Dog walking one to one (1 hour)
One walk per day for an hour – £18.00
One to one walk block booked for one walk a day for a week; price reduction for full week – £80.00

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Opening Hours
Business Address
Wellesbourne Warwick
Business Category
Car Transport
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A B Vehicle Transport is a local freindly guy with a passion in moving vehicles.

Please get in touch for a quote.
Non runners
Ebay purchases

Please give us a call for more information !!

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Business Address
Loxley road
CV35 9JL
Business Category
Hair By Debbie
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Business Description

Mobile hair service. Over 15 years experience in a local salon, now accepting new and returning clients for all hair services – from cuts and colours, blow-dry, hair-up. Service available for women, men and children. Get that salon-finish feel in the comfort of your own home!

Phone Number
07920 065000
Opening Hours
10am - 6pm (appointments on request)
Business Address
6 Anslow Road
CV35 9UT
Business Category