Wellesbourne Wheelers

Wellesbourne Cycling have now adopted the name Wellesbourne Wheelers and will be taking delivery of their new kit (see picture) later this month.The club, founded by Wellesbourne resident Gary Gristwood last February, have become a regular feature amongst the sport and leisure options available in the village community and ride every Thursday starting at 10.30am outside the Stag’s Head in Wellesbourne. Distance covered is usually around 40 miles in total, with lunch taken at roughly the halfway point, but they regularly have an option whereby if you only wanted to do about half this distance, then they have a lunch stop at the Stag’s Head, thus allowing you to ride either the am or pm route, if you feel that 20 miles is more within your existing capabilities.

The group are now an official club with CTC (Cycle Touring Club) affiliation and they also have their own website – www.wellesbourne-wheelers.org.uk – which will be fully functional by 20th January, but you can actually visit it now and use the contact box if you want to express your interest in, or ask any questions about, joining the club.

They will be holding a meeting on Wednesday 20th January in the function room at the Stag’s Head in Wellesbourne (7 for 7.30pm) and on the agenda will be the new kit, the new website, plus the new official club status and the benefits that this will bring to the membership.

So, if you are interested – male or female – in getting fitter/becoming healthier by developing a real affinity for road cycling out in the fresh air in the beautiful countryside that South Warwickshire affords, then please do come along on 20th January to meet our friendly group or contact us via the club website enquiry box.

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